Wireless Home Theater

ByDolores Berry

Wireless Home Theater

The idea of a wireless home theater might seem like something bordering on science fiction.Multi-room, or multi-zone set-up systems are one area where all the major manufacturers are focusing at the moment and given the expense and inconvenience of creating wired solutions, much is being done to make these systems wireless.

On top of that, many computer pereipheral manufacturers are getting in on the act and making boxes thst will stream content from a Mac or PC wirelessly to your receiver, television or hi-fi system wherever it is in your house.And, indeed, if you are the kind of viewer and listener who insists on the highest quality images and audio at all times, wireless entertainment is a long way off.

Wireless Home Theater

However, for those of us who are prepared to sacrifice a little quality for the sheer convenience and wow factor of a, at least partially, wireless home theater, there are a number of solutions around to help us achieve wire-free entertainment.

In this section we’ll look at some of the key wireless products and technologies and help you create a system that uses as few wires as possible. Whether it’s Sharp’s wireless Aquos TV, Netgear’s audio streamer, Phillips Streamium range, Advent’s wirless speakers, or Apple’s brand new (at the time of writing) Airport Express we’ll explain how they can help you achieve your goal of a nearl wireless home theater. And we’ll look at some of the best solutions for streaming music, video and photo slideshows from your Mac or PC to your home theater system.

We’ll also explain the technologies behind the system so you can identify wireless technologies by name and tell the salesman in your local store when he’s talking nonsense !

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