Phillips Streamium

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Phillips Streamium

The Phillips Streamium product line ranges from hi-fi audio system to the high tech TV sets.

In 2002, Phillips introduced Phillips Streamium, which is claimed to be the world’s first micro hi-fi system capable of connecting to multiple online music services by touching a single button. This consumer electronic product line from Phillips allows consumers to choose their online favorite music both by personalized radio stations or play lists of personally selected music, stored in a secure “on-ine jukebox” and then streamed to the system.

Phillips Streamium

The good thing is that users can easily access all this music wirelessly from any place in the house, away from the computer or Internet connection without the need to run annoying and expensive cable. Phillips Streamium features five-line display on the system that continuously illustrates information about which song is playing, the artist name and also song title. Users can easily assess the information of the song just like looking the back cover of CD. Another convenience offer by Phillips Streamium is the remote control it provides. With remote control, users can request more information on music via 1-button press.

Not only does Phillips Streamium offer Internet audio system but it also offers a micro system with CD and MP3-CD playback from both CD-R and CD-RW discs plus a conventional FM/AM tuner. So, if users are bored with the online music, there is always CD or MP3 and radio to turn to.

Besides Phillips Streamium audio system, in early 2004, Phillips also introduced the Phillips Streamium TV, a television that brings Internet content from the computer to the TV with a click of a button. By clicking a button on a remote, users can switch the TV to broadband Internet content. Using Wi-Fi technology, the set also could be used to show photos or video stored on a home computer.

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