Paradigm Speakers

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Paradigm Speakers

Paradigm speakers, manufactured by Canadian company Paradigm Electronics, have a reputation worldwide for excellent quality.

The company’s website says that they have “stunning accuracy, a spacious soundstage with pinpoint localization, powerful, well-defined bass and thrilling dynamics.”

The reviews these speakers have had in publications worldwide are testament to that.

The Paradigm speakers of most interested to home theater enthusiasts are in the company’s Cinema range. The basic Cinema set-up consists of four satellites, a center speaker, and the company’s PDR-8 subwoofer. T3 magazine said in a review of the Cinema “Assuming you haven’t invested in surround sound speakers, the Cinema system is a surprisingly pleasant way to take the plunge.”

Paradigm Speakers

The positive reviews of these Paradigm speakers don’t stop with T3. Paradigm has a number of reviews available for download in PDF form from its website. Among them is one from DVD Home Theater which has this to say “…the Cinema system’s ability to reproduce all sounds authentically and with precision is what distinguishes it from the competition…”

One of the key features of the Cinema system is the small-size of the satellite speakers. There are other manufactures who produce palm-sized speakers but usually the quality is suspect to say the least. Paridigm speakers manage to combine small-size with a solid construction and the result is excellent quality of sound.

The Cinema series aren’t the only speakers Paradigm makes. The company makes a whole range of speakers for audiophiles and home theater fans alike, for indoor and outdoor use. Our favourites are the On-Wall series designed for use with LCD televisions. These speakers are mounted on a wall alongside the television and in a surround sound set-up, the center speaker can be mounted above or below the website, with the left and right speakers on either side.

Paradigm speakersare showcased on the company’s website, which is a wealth of information, not just on the company and its products, but on speakers and home theater in general. And there’s a great explanation, with diagram, of the company’s recommendation for an ideal home theater set-up.

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