Home Theater Projectors

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Home Theater Projectors

Home theater projectors are becoming increasingly popular as prices tumble and consumers appreciate that picture quality and size are usually the most important part of the display.

If you are setting up a home theater, you need to make some basic decisions right up front to allow you to enjoy the best of the movies. One of the biggest issues that you will face when planning a new home theater is whether to get a TV (CRT, LCD or plasma) rear-projection TV (RPTV), or a two-piece system – a projector and screen.

Home Theater Projectors

Rear-projection televisions usually range from 36″ to 80″. If you are aiming for a movie experience just like those in a movie theater then a projector is what you should opt for. Projectors are similar to rear-projection TV, except for the fact that the “TV” is a projector that throws the picture on a screen or a all.

With home theater projectors, you can have screen size as big as 80 inches with the projector only a few feet from the screen. However, a larger room is needed for bigger image sizes. Why?

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One of the reasons is because when you are using a home theater projector, you also have to consider the viewing distance. Projectors with XGA or WXGA resolution need a viewing distance of 2.0 times the screen width or greater. With this distance, you can enjoy movies with beautiful image integration in which pixels are invisible, artifacts are minimized, and the picture appears as a solid unified video image.

The viewing distance yields large screen drama with just enough distance to cause the image to be fully integrated and resolved visually. On the other hand, if the viewing distance is less than 1.5 times the screen width, it will get you into the trouble zone where pixels and artifacts become more visibly intrusive.

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