How do you compare DirecTV to Dish Network?

ByDolores Berry

How do you compare DirecTV to Dish Network?

Want to know how to compare DirecTV to Dish Network? If you’re planning on getting satellite TV in order to receive HDTV, that’s a question you’ll probably ask yourself at some stage. DirecTV and Dish Network are the two main satellite TV providers in the USA.

Rapid Satellite has a table on its website which outlines the differences, but we’ve outlined them below, to make it easy for you.There are, as you would expect, number of similarities between the two satellite providers, but to compare DirecTV to Dish Network, it’s important to note some subtle, but significant differences.

How do you compare DirecTV to Dish Network


Excluding time limited special offers, a typical DirecTV subscription is $41.99 for 15 channels, or 33 cents per channel. A Dish Network typical plan is $31.99 for 50 channels, or 60 cents per channel.


DirecTV has plans where you get the equipment free and own it with no upfront costs. Dish Network has plans with no upfront costs but you don’t own the equipment, alternatively you can choose to own the equipment but there are upfront costs.

Install Times

Both companies quote install times of 5-7 days.


DirecTV has TiVo systems, NFL SUnday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, and March Madness NCAA Basketball, Dish Network has none of those.

Local Channels

Both companies have local channels available, depending on where you live.

Other Factors

DirecTV currently insists that new subscribers sign up for a minimum of a year, there is no minimum for Dish Network. Also Dish Network has more satellites than DirecTV and offers a maximum of 500 channels, compared to DirecTV’s 250.

When you compare DirecTV to Dish Network, you need to bare your own needs in mind as everyone wnats and values different things in a satellite TV service, but hopefully the above has given you a few pointers to help you make a decision.

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