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Home Theater ReviewsWelcome to Master Home Theater Design. This site is designed to provide you with an easy to use, comprehensive guide to setting up a home theater. If you’ve read any of the home theater magazines, you’ll know how detailed they can be and how they can leave even technical readers scratching their heads in frustration.

We will put an end to that frustration by bringing you all the information you need to know to design your own home theater system in a format that’s easy to read, entertaining, and doesn’t require a degree in electronics to understand.

We have news on the latest equipment and furniture and overviews of some of the essential gear such as DVD players and recorders, amplifiers, televisions and speakers. For those of you who want more technical detail on home theater design, we’ve provided links to sites where you can get it.

We’ve also got features covering some great gadgets that while not exactly essential to your home theater set-up, will complement it very nicely.

We’ve tried to make navigation as straightforward as possible. You’ll find links to the main sections on the left-hand side of each page and links to key features and articles at the bottom of the page. On this page we’ve linked to pages which we think are a great place to get started.

Whether you already have a home theater and you’re interested in upgrading it with the latest equipment or are thinking aboutcreating a new home theater design from scratch, we’re sure you’ll find something worthwhile on these pages.